About Us

Hi. We are Selah and Anthony, a brother and sister team.  We started this as a homeschool project in an effort to use our talents for the benefit of others when we were 10 and 8. We are now 15 and 13 and this project has evolved into a worldwide mission. We currently travel and speak at various places and our focus is to make this world a better place, no matter a person’s faith or creed. We have traveled to eight countries and 36 states. We work in conjunction with our charity, 10 Talents International. 

We are raising funds for our charity to support our humanitarian efforts around the world. Our potholders are mainly made to place under hot pots, pans, and beverages. Customers are able to custom design them, they are handmade by us and our team,  and are 100% cotton.  We also have a digital vegan cooking course that we have created as well. 

Every donated purchase of each handmade item not only teaches us valuable entrepreneurial skills and the value of hard work, but also demonstrates how we can serve others by helping and giving hope. 

Our current fundraising goal is to help with SALT San Diego an organization committed to helping the unsheltered. We helped to raise money for a shower trailer and now we are working on getting a truck.  We have plenty more work we would like to do, and we accomplish it one potholder at a time. Thank you for your support.